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Shape Them Up is a side scroller action minimalistic game.

You control a square in the lower left corner of the screen, trying to avoid or
destroy the evil pentagons coming your way.

  Jump (press up):
    Can be used anytime while grounded
    Can be used midair once refreshed*
    Height and duration are fixed
  Dash (press right):
    Can be used anytime while grounded
    Can be used midair once (Can be refreshed*)
      If used midair, halts your descent
    If you collide with an enemy mid dash, the enemy will be destroyed
  Fast Fall (press down):
    Can be used midair to halt horizontally
    If you collide with an enemy mid fast fall, the enemy will be destroyed and
    you will bounce off of it.
    A combo is a streak of N enemies you kill before touching the ground again.
    Every 5 enemies, you will be healed 1HP.
    Every 10 enemies, if you are at max health, you will increase your max health
    Also, longer combos net you more points per kill.
      At 4 enemies or less, the next kill will be worth 1 point.
      At 9 or less, 2 points.
      At 14 or less, 3 points.
    And so on
    The more enemies you kill, the faster you go, so you will have to think faster
    in order to keep these combos going.
If you get hit, the speed will reset.

* Destroying an enemy with a dash will refresh both your dash and your jump,
while destroying an enemy with a Fast Fall will only refresh your midair dash.
Touching the ground also refreshes your movements.


How the game matches the theme

Every action in the game has 2 or more purposes:
The Jump can be used to position yourself to dash into enemies, but also to avoid 
hitting them when not dashing. The Dash can be used not only to kill enemies, but 
also to position yourself above them for a Fastfall kill. Killing enemies not only
gives you points but also refreshes your abilities so you can keep killing and 
increase your combo. Killing also increase the speed of the game, making it more 
difficult. Comboing enemies increase your score and the amount of points you make 
for each kill but also heal you, incntivating you to go for those big combos, specially 
when low on health. 
Getting hit also has two purposes: it makes you more careful by bringing you close 
to the end but it also slows the game down, so you can have more time to think. 
Those are just a few of the examples, but with a careful look, you can see that 
everything in the game has more than one purpose.



Meant to run on Windows


Third party resources

Game engine: Unity3D v5.6.2f1 Personal (64bit)
Sound effect creation: Bfxr and Audacity



Murilo "Mickey" Bernard Theodoro      Design, Coding
William "VVilliam" Quelho Ferreira    Design, Sound, Coding

And a special thanks to all the people who have contributed to the tools above.


ShapeThemUp.zip 13 MB

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